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Site Plans

We include site plans and if required, landscaping plans in all our plan sets. All building permits require a site plan to be submitted with the construction drawings. We create the site plan from existing or new surveys. Most surveying companies now use digital GPS instruments which give the boundary points and terrain relief information. We can import most data sets to create 3D views of the building site. This is a great help in setting the footprint of the house and designing the foundation, particularly if the site is sloped or hilly.

Landscaping Plan

We can also help create landscaping plans for your new home. While these are not usually required they do help in the overall design process. Our software allows us to create driveways, sidewalks and curbs along with many landscaping features like ponds and gardens. Landscaping is often over-looked and becomes an after thought once the home is built, but a well thought out plan is really the "icing on the cake". Also, landscaping adds substantially to the value of your home.


Our software includes a plant encyclopedia, with detailed information about each plant including integrated Hardiness Zone Maps. We have over 4000 plants to draw upon and work with. In addition, we work closely with the Williams Orchards for professional advice on landscaping and recommendations for plants. Our landscaping plans come with complete annotations for plant types and species names. We also can provide landscaping schedules to make budgeting easier.

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