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New Mexico

Prints celebrating the shapes, colors and textures of New Mexico
Roy & Jeff Kastning

We have always loved the colors, shapes and textures of New Mexico. These images are from a project we did some time back. We love traveling to visit our southern neighbor and on one of our trips we spent some time photographing our impressions of New Mexico. These images were later used in a project for an Apple iBook. 

As photographers with many, many years of lab experience we find digital imaging very similar and an extension of our old darkroom skills. We took these New Mexico photographs and "developed" them further into digital images accentuating the colors and textures.  We have no set technique when developing digital images but in general we like to use multiple layers and masking to bring in and out various areas of the layers we have manipulated to create the final image. It is a rather random process and I doubt we could ever go back and exactly recreate any of the images. We have been involved in photography, painting and print making most of our lives and find digital imaging a natural for us. And we have a lot of fun doing it. Hope you enjoy our prints as much as we have enjoyed putting it together!

These quality canvas prints feature gallery wrapped edges and are mounted ready to hang. Precision printed polyester canvas stretched around 1.25 inch bars creates a vivid 3D-like effect. We offer these prints in both 12x18 and 18x24 sizes with wrapped edges that mirror the print.

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