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Construction Plans

Once the conceptual plans have been decided upon the next stage is to create the construction plans. At this stage we work closely with the engineer and the contractor to develop the final plan set. We require our plans to be stamped by a licensed Colorado engineer before construction begins. This insures that the builder will have the proper information to construct a structural sound structure that meets all local and national building codes.

All structural plan sheets are reviewed, approved and stamped by a Colorado licensed engineer. We like to use local engineers because they are close by for any consultations that may come up during the construction stage.

Typical Construction Drawings


   •   Floor Plans
   •   Foundation Plan
   •   Elevations
   •   Framing Plans For Floors, Roofs & Walls
   •   Cross-sections
   •   Construction Details
   •   Perspective Drawings
   •   Site Plan
   •   Landscaping Plan
   •   Window & Door Schedules
   •   Cabinet Schedules

Below is a sample plan set illustrating some typical plan sheets. Click on the plan to enlarge the plan views.


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