“The artist and the photographer seek the mysteries and the adventure of experience in nature.”    Ansel Adams


Western Light Graphics features the artwork, graphics and photography of Roy and Jeff Kastning. Our website is an eclectic collection of images we like and enjoy sharing. 



"Explore Colorado's High Country"
Artwork by Roy Kastning

I drew this poster in 1989 for a project a friend of mine was doing. The project went very well but the poster went out of print after a few years and the artwork was lost. Just this last summer the artwork reappeared and the poster as been brought back to life. The artwork was lost but the poster was never quite forgotten over the years - an interesting story. Learn More . . .

Western Light Decor

Wise&Wild57 is our shop where we get to use our graphics on all sorts of fun products. We are currently rebuilding our shop and we are just offering hats at the moment. Many more products featuring our designs will be coming very soon. 

Colorado West Design

Custom Home Design by Roy Kastning

In addition to our artwork and photography I have been involved with custom home design and remodeling for many years. While not directly related to our artwork the basic elements of design have many common elements for both disciplines.  

The Artwork & Photography

of Roy & Jeff Kastning

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